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Tree Service Guide

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The Importance of  Mulch in the Garden


If you have no idea what mulch is then you should be aware of the fact that there is a need for you to have to learn a lot about it. One of the many things that you need to know mulch is that it has two kinds. The first kind is the inorganic mulch wherein it is made of pebbles and gravel. The mulch that is made from the straw and the wood mulch is as a matter of fact what the second mulch is - organic mulch.


For decoration purposes is as a matter of fact what the inorganic mulch is being used most of the time. The utilization of the inorganic mulch will mean that you will have to have an easy access around the garden bed. Another thing that you should be aware of regarding the inorganic mulch is that the plants will not have to receive any nutrients from it. Out of all of the great things about the utilization of the inorganic mulch, one of which is its ability to not break down. This means that there is no need for any continuous topping.


The organic leaves such as the straw, leaves, bark and twigs in order to have to make the organic mulch. This means that the organic mulch will have to break down and give a lot of benefits to your garden bed. At the top of your garden bed, the organic mulch will be spread there. What has been stated earlier is the fact that the organic mulch is able to offer benefits to the garden bed. Providing a slow release source of nutrients, maintain even soil temperatures and increase soil microbial activity are some of the benefits. There are additional benefits such as: reduce soil compaction, reduce evaporation and slow down weed growth. Contact Tree Removal Boerne TX for professional work on your landscaping plan.


The garden beds will have to be continually fertilized and watered when the garden beds do not have mulch in them yet. The soil and the plants are exposed to the various elements and thus, you can expect to have a surface that is crusty. Aside from that, the watering also causes a compacting effect. At the end of the day you will end up with excessive waste water and run off.


To have to clear the garden bed from debris and weeds is what you need to do before the application of the mulch. The second step that you need to take is for you to turn the soil and break it up. You can actually have healthier plants and have to encourage root growth when you make sure that you will drench the soil. Around the plant you should sprinkle the compost. You can apply the mulch to be as thick as 75mm. When you apply the mulch you need to make sure that it will not be on the stem of the plant and against the trunk. Click here to contact a professional lawn care service now!